Basic Photography Course

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Basic Photography

Create Your Own Reality

I believe there is no correct way of photographing.  The camera is a magical tool to help you capture the world in many different ways. Couple that with the fact that each of us sees the world through our own unique lens and the creative possibilities abound.  I will teach you how to use your camera to realize your own vision of the world around you and to help you develop your own unique vision.  It has never been easier to create your own reality.

Click Magpeye Photography to see my reality.   

Photography course consist of four (4) - two hour lessons.
Structure of the course includes theory and application

Topics covered during each session

1st session:    Camera Basics & Auto Focus

2nd session:   Aperture

3rd session:   Shutter Speed

4th session:   Manual Focus

Location:       Koffiehuis Java-Blend Amsterdam

Address:        Tosaristraat 1, 1019 RT Amsterdam
Time:              10:00 to 12:00
Dates:             September 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th
Age:                 18+
Language:    English (I can speak and understand Dutch)
Equipment: DSLR camera

Each student should bring 2 – 5 photos to discuss in class.  These can be printed or on your digital device.


Group sessions will have no more than 8 persons.